Lindex, Oriflame, Via, Apollo
Mammaboosten is a celebration of all the great mothers in Sweden. Throughout the year, FamiljeLiv wants to spread joy, laughter and boost to all Swedish mothers. This culminates in the yearly “Mammaboosten The Show.” With a clear collaboration with our celebration sponsors, half of the 3,000 viewers were able to name all the event’s sponsors. Approach: • Physical and digital activation. • Via launched new laundry tablets through Mammaboosten • Focus group with 850 applicants - 25,000 page views on Via’s campaign site. Results: • Over 200,000 unique visitors during the first six months on • Three packed shows that got an average of 4 out 5. • The Facebook group got over 3,600 members that through shares could reach over 100,000 people. • 25% of all Swedish mothers knew about Mammaboosten after six months. • Samples to 3,000 mothers and a contest made it so that 48% remembered Via one month after the show (consumer study).
Published 18 jan 2016
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